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useful sci comm resources

There have been many important studies and reports on science communication and public engagement. Find here links and downloadable documents.

Public views on science

Young people's views on science education. Overview of changes in perceptions of science study   Wellcome Trust 2019

Wellcome Monitor Wave 3. A study of public attitudes to biomedical research. Wellcome Trust 2016

Public attitudes to science and society report BIS 2019

Public engagement with STEM survey results. Staff and volunteers. An investigation into the nature and types of engagement in UK. National Forum on Public Engagement on STEM 2019

Landmark reports

The public understanding of science Bodmer report 1985

The Jenkins report on science and society House of Lords 2000

Aspires report. The landmark study establishing the concept and importance of science capital. Kings college 2016

Science for all. Government report into science and society 2010

Strategy documents

UKRI engagement vision. 2019 Outlining the key areas of focus for UK research councils engagement strategy

The book of good practices  Patient Focussed medicine Development 2019

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