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Things I've learnt

Set the tone

The first things you say and how you introduce yourself determine how the audience will respond.

Think about your first words and the message and permission you give to the audience

Know your audience

Who are you speaking to? FInd out as much as you can about their background knowledge. Make useful assumptions about their likely behaviour. Adapt your approach to the people you are talking to

Check your stuff

Make sure you have all your props and they work. If you are using a.v make sure it works. Do you have spare cables? Carry a spare clicker

Use the right language

Think about jargon and use formats which are appropriate for your audience. Remember- other people are not the same as you!

this is a poster
this is not a poster

Useful links

Made to stick-What makes ideas stay with audiences?

Presentation Zen  Thought provoking and challenging ides to improve your slideware

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